How We Do It

Guest Optimisation Process


Leverage the power of points to drive greater interest and more frequent engagement

across your brand’s properties. The proven power of points and the most compelling elements of game design will get more people to engage more often, more deeply and across more of your brand. We integrate seamlessly across all your various channels; you can finally consolidate and attribute brand impact to actual people rather than just individual channels.


Consolidate all engagement, social influence and spend data for every customer so you can identify and reward them for their total brand impact. Use points, member status, rank and leaderboards to recognise individuals for the value they represent to your brand. Gain the deepest, most comprehensive and consolidated understanding of their engagement across all your channels, including points of sale, Facebook and Twitter, mobile apps and anything else you can measure—online and off.


Allow redemption of points for anything you choose, including exclusive offers, select experiences, outlet specials and more. Our platform allows you to award points for all brand engagement, social sharing, spend and more. Points can be redeemed for select experiences, brand-specific offers, exclusive items, partner-sponsored rewards, deals and discounts or anything else you’d like to offer. The more enticing the rewards, the more active people become.