The GuestIQ email, webform/landing pages, mobile and social networking design, and execution tools, are a must have for all successful marketers. Instead of working with html tools, designers, email companies and  mobile marketing companies, the GuestIQ platform is a true one-stop-shop.

Marketing Activity | GuestIQ

Emails, webforms and landing pages can be professionally created in short periods of time and are effective channels to send newsletters, rich communications, collect information, run surveys, competitions and promotional campaigns. All information is tracked down to the recipient’s behaviour (ie. what they do and importantly, what they did not do!).


Marketing Measurement | Guest IQ

All your online communications can automatically link to your social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and any other web analytics package you might operate (eg. Google Analytics).

Increasingly marketers are turning to the mobile phone to send out urgent alerts, timely promotional offers and collect additional information (eg. email address, age, request for information). With all information, including all responses, automatically written back to the individual’s database record, we ensure that we are closing the marketing loop and maximising your return on investment, regardless of the channel you use.

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