GuestIQ provides an organisation a complete 360-degree view of each customer, enabling them to build and maintain a strong, lasting customer relationship.

Designed as a single or multi-property solution, account and contact data is collected and synchronised with various hospitality management systems, such as PMS, CRS, POS, SPA, etc. This provides an integrated solution to manage company history, travel agency history, sales masters, guest history and booker profiles.

The result: a company acquires deep knowledge of every account and contact, while facilitating collaboration and communication across an organisation.

Customer Optimisation Flow

GuestIQ even integrates with social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn becoming an integral tool in an organisation’s marketing strategy and customer communications in order to keep them current and competitive. Through social media and messaging, an organisation can efficiently monitor user profiles for service response, communicate price promotions and special package offers, provide concierge services or even notify guests of reservation confirmations, upgrade offers, room readiness, etc.

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