Data Management

Data is the new oil and can be as difficult to drill for without the right tools and approach. None the less, every business must aspire to use this valuable asset to the best of their ability or your competition will. The most valuable data is that of your own customers and how you use that can determine your success or failure as a sales and marketing organisation.

Data Management | GuestIQ

The GuestIQ platform is designed to empower marketers by making online marketing accessible and uncomplicated.
The core of the platform is a flexible database that tracks all contact information into single contact profiles. This includes standard and demographic information together with behavioural information while allowing you comply with data protection regulations.

It links into the PMS and other systems, databases and websites. An added bonus is that unlike other database set-up processes the GuestIQ database set-up is immediate and through intelligent design features becomes instantly personalised to your business.

The GuestIQ platform is exceptionally user-friendly yet very powerful. The platform is broken up into modules to allow for easy navigation and to work the way marketers work.

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