Reports & Analysis

The GuestIQ platform uniquely records all information collected across all channels into a single view of each contact.

This single view ensures that you have one central, high quality and up-to-date database.

A chief benefit of this approach is that all data is available for analysis as demographic, standard and behavioural information across all your prospects and customers.

Reports can be viewed per channel (email, mobile, webforms) or per campaign.

Marketers can also view central data trends and history. In other words, how many new contacts have been added, opt-ins/outs and other growth trends.

Marketing Analysis | GuestIQ

Our reports present the complete picture of your database and channel activity.

Importantly you can see trends over and across campaigns – what is working and what is not. Ultimately this allows for campaigns to be targeted for maximum rates of return. Standard reports are supplemented by custom reports (through your account manager). It is also possible to link directly with Google Analytics (and other Analytic tools) to complete your view of online activity.

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