Segmentation & Targeting

Communication is about relevance.

Take a conversation for example: if you speak about what interests someone than they will stay engaged. The problem with online communication is that very often it is not about what interests the target of your communication and therefore fails in its objective.

The key to marketing has always been timely, relevant and personal communication and with GuestIQ you achieve this.

The concept of segmentation enables this type of communication and can be done according to any metric, from standard criteria to previous behaviour (eg. if a contact clicks a certain web-link, likes a particular room, drinks a certain wine, books in on a particular day). Having a high-quality, up-to-date and centralised database means that you can segment and target with confidence and effectively enables your communication to be relevant.

The beauty with the GuestIQ segmentation tool is that it is designed for marketers, not for technical or database specialists.

segmentation and targeting | GuestIQ

Benefits of the GuestIQ Segmentation Tool:
  • Automatic personalisation of segmentation fields
  • Drag-and-drop segmentation
  • Segment by demographic, profile and behavioural (eg. what links were clicked) information
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Integrates with in-house databases, PMS, POS systems, CRS, Spa & Leisure, Golf etc.
  • Automatic and advanced opt-in and suppression management tools (data protection compliant features)


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